Holiday Exercise Time Hacks
Holiday Exercise Time Hacks

Holiday Exercise Time Hacks

5 Time Hacks that’ll make shopping your new favorite workout

Let’s face it, most days you’re too busy to make it to the gym as it is. But come the Holiday season? Now you’re really too busy to exercise, with all the house-decorating, travel-planning, and gift-shopping you need to get done in a few short weeks…and unfortunately, it’s these same few weeks where you’ll probably be doing most of your delicious Holiday Eating. #TheStruggleIsReal. We get it.

That’s why we came up with a few time hacks to help you multitask in the healthiest way: by exercising while you shop. Hallelujah!

1. Park at The Farthest Spot Possible

It's not that far, right? Ok maybe, but let's hear about all the benefits, which are twofold: One, you’ll get in a few hundred steps on your way to the mall and burn considerably more calories than if you had parked nearby. And two, you’ll avoid the angry crowds (why are people always so inconsiderate during the holidays?) who are fighting for the nearest parking spots and leaving their shopping carts everywhere.

2. Buy Heavy Gifts and Carry Them

Yes, the heavier the better! We’re talking weights, cast-iron pots and pans, actual bags of charcoal for the ones who have been naughty...just kidding! But whatever gifts you do buy, you can strengthen your arms by lifting the bags up and down a few times as you carry them all the way back to your car.

3. Practice Your Olympic Speed Walking

Book it through the mall like it’s Black Friday and you’re on your way to the Electronics section to grab the last doorbuster TV. The quick cardio will get your heart pumping, and as an added bonus, you’ll finish your shopping trip faster.

4. Ditch the Online Shopping

Yes, it’s super convenient to get all your shopping done from bed, but that’s not going to help our goals here. Instead, what you can do is find your items online and screenshot the page to see if the store will price match your online deal. Then go to the store, and follow all the steps above when you pick it up.

5. Recruit a Shopping Workout Buddy

Shopping, just like working out, is more fun with a friend. Besides the obvious benefit of having a second opinion on whether this sweater or that cardigan your mom will like better, your friend will keep you accountable on your shopping workout goals, and you’ll be more likely to complete what you set out to do.

Happy excer-shopping!


– The goodNes Crew