Winter Games: A Holiday Exercise Challenge
Winter Games: A Holiday Exercise Challenge

Winter Games: A Holiday Exercise Challenge

Prove yourself and everyone else that it’s possible to exercise during the Holidays.

Have you ever heard the saying “Summer bodies are made in the winter”? Well, it’s true. Tempting as it is to burrow in the comfort of the sofa under a pile of layers during these cold winter months, the fact remains: you’ll do yourself a great disservice if you abandon your workout routine during the winter. It’s so easy to lose the gains you’ve made so far but so hard to get back on track! Again, #TheStruggleIsReal!

That’s why we put together this Holiday Exercise Challenge--to keep us motivated throughout the season, and even excited to challenge our buddies to complete the challenge with us. So… are you ready to start working on your summer bod? Start getting that body ready with the plan below:

Week 1: Ice Skating

Let’s start out the challenge with the most magical of all winter activities: Ice Skating. Take advantage of the cute pop-up outdoor rinks in your area, take your friends or your date, and get to it. Even if you’re no pro, just try to keep moving around the rink – fun and a complete core workout!

Week 2: Run Outside

Don’t let the cold weather become an excuse for not running outside. Just make sure you’re wearing the appropriate layers and get out there. The brisk air will wake up your senses, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see some beautiful Holiday decorated houses around your neighborhood.

Week 3: Play Ball!

Lace up those sneakers, grab a ball (from the sport of your choice, we don’t discriminate), and head to your local gym. This week’s challenge is playing an indoor sport. Bring some friends to shoot some hoops, or practice your 3-pointers solo. Play a 3 v. 3 soccer game. Pick up a racquet and hit a tennis ball or a badminton birdie around. Whatever makes you happy (and scores you the most points, of course).

Week 4: Home Workouts

Take a break from the outdoor activities by finding a few full-body workouts you can follow at home. You can find tons of them to stream online, or look for a DVD that will keep you invested in your workout – the key is to try something that looks like fun, not torture, right?

Alright, let’s do this! Together we won’t just survive this Holiday season, we’ll crush our goals to stay active all winter long. We want to see how well you do! Share your favorite challenges with #ThankGoodNes and #HolidayChallenge so we can all celebrate our successes together.


– The goodNes Crew