Mama, How'd You Get So Fly?
Mama, How'd You Get So Fly?

Mama, How’d You Get So Fly?

How to manage working out when you have a toddler at home

Congratulations! You’re a mama! You’ve got the world’s most rewarding (and challenging) job ahead of you. With all the time spent changing diapers and chasing your little one around the house, thinking about your own physical health can sometimes become an afterthought. 

The first step towards becoming a #FitMom is deciding that you’re ready, willing, and able to work out – obstacles be damned. Toddler taking up all of your time? No problem. Too exhausted to think about yourself? No longer! You’re done making excuses and ready to put your health first, and that in itself deserves a big round of applause. 

Below, we’re sharing our favorite no-gym workouts you can squeeze into your day (because ain’t nobody got time for the gym!) and a few tips we’ve learned along the way to help make your journey a total success.

Keep it Short and Painless

The options are endless on YouTube! Browse “10-minute workouts” and you’re guaranteed to find a few that you like and can easily incorporate into your day. Stick to short routines that you can do a few times a day, whenever you have downtime (hello naps!). It’ll be easier to stick to several short exercises instead of trying to find an entire hour to dedicate to your sweat sesh.

Have FUN

This tip applies to everyone, not just moms dealing with toddlers, but it’s especially true when you’re needing that extra motivation to work out. Try turning up the jams and having a dance party in the living room, just you and the kiddos. Or turn playtime into exercise, by setting up different colored cones in the backyard and racing towards the color that gets called. Super fun, super good cardio. Check out how music can help turn it up!

Get That Heartbeat Up

Grab your kid, grab the stroller, and head out for brisk jog around the neighborhood. You’ll get your cardio, and you’ll both get some nice fresh air. Bonus points if he falls asleep by the time you get back home – you’ll get a few minutes to catch up on your beauty rest, yourself. 

Strength Training Everywhere

You already know all the basics – lunges, squats, planks, pushups, heel rises, burpees. Yes, most of these exercises can feel tedious, but they’re great for your bod! And the cool thing about strength training is that it doesn’t require any equipment – all you need is your own body weight and good form. Find some inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram for exercise sequences you can follow in your own living room, or patio, or anywhere, really! But try not to leave this for the end of the day when you’re already exhausted. Instead, try to exercise when you’re feeling energized, like before breakfast or in the early afternoon.

Make it a Family Event

Round up the fam and sweat it out together, whether it’s with a fun game of basketball, water polo, or soccer. It’ll bring you closer as a family (or maybe slightly apart, if you’re a competitive bunch). Try turning it into a routine weekend activity! You’ll be even more likely to stick with it if the kids look forward to it every week.

Be Patient With Yourself

Remember to give yourself a break if you miss a day (or two or three). It won’t affect your overall progress, promise! Give yourself some credit for everything you’ve accomplished so far, and try not to get sidetracked with all the other things you could be doing right now, like folding laundry or washing dishes. It’s okay to put yourself first. #SelfCare, am I right? Go on Mama, you got this!

– The goodNes Crew