How to Have a Healthy “Dad Bod”
How to Have a Healthy “Dad Bod”

How to Have a Healthy “Dad Bod”

Try the month-long “Dad Bod” challenge: a workout for every dad

If you’re a dad, everyone wants something from you. The dog wants to be walked, the lawn wants to be mowed, the kids want to play catch, and don’t forget: the spouse wants you to fix that squeaky door and pick up a gallon of milk on your way home. #DadLife

When you have a big heart, it’s easy to let your waistline grow as well. Working out often falls to the bottom of the list; hence the ever-popular “dad bod.” You know...the body that says, “I hit the gym occasionally, but I’m always down for another slice of pizza.” 

We can help you keep the trendy “dad bod,” while also making sure it’s an under-control, super rad bod. These exercises are perfect because you can do them at home without fancy equipment – and some of them are just part of being Super Dad. 

In just a month, you can feel leaner, meaner, more energized, and on your way to swapping the beer belly for abs of steel. 

Give the challenge a try, and let us know which day is your favorite! #RadBod  

– The goodNes Crew