15 Fun Ways to Get Down with Dad on his Day
15 Fun Ways to Get Down with Dad on his Day

15 Fun Ways to Get Down with Dad on his Day

Treat your father to a day he’ll never forget. 

Superheros live among us. They are the ones who can open any jar, reach the box on the top shelf, and tell the world’s dumbest jokes. When the check-engine light turns on, they can guess why. And chances are, they know juuuust how long it takes to grill a steak to perfection. 


Dads. What would we do without them? Not sure, but we know what you could do WITH them! This Father’s Day, instead of giving the dad in your life another tie, why not spend some quality bonding time? 

Here are 15 activities you (and the whole family) can do with Dad, whether it’s on Father’s Day or any day. 

1. Hit the green. Whether you play a round of mini golf, a full 18-course game, or show off your swing at the driving range, golf has something fun for everyone. 

2.Take a history tour. Is Dad a history buff? Go check out a museum, war memorial, or other historic site. If you’re lucky to be in the right area, you could even witness a Civil or Revolutionary War reenactment. 

3. Play Ball! Take pops out to his favorite pro game, and don’t forget to buy him some peanuts and cracker jacks. No games today? Get the crew together and play your own.


4. Get a strike at the bowling alley! If anyone loves putting on cool shoes, knocking down pins, and beating their top score, it’s Dad.  

5. Go fishing. And if you don’t catch anything, you can always stop at the store and pick up some salmon for dinner. Try cooking it up with this delicious recipe for Thai Salmon Over Coconut Rice.  

6. Play paintball. Want to see Dad turn into an excited little kid? Strap a mask on him, give him a paintball gun, and set him loose for an hour to fire paint pellets at his friends (and you). 

7. Ride bikes! Get the whole family together and ride around your neighborhood, pedal to your favorite ice cream shop, or find a new trail. 

8. Get your hands dirty in the shop. Put those powertools to use and build something together. A birdhouse, a bookshelf, a rocketship. Whatever Dad’s heart desires. 

9. Fire up the grill. Treat your Dad to a big juicy steak. And if he’s a coffee fan, even better! We recommend this recipe for Coffee-Marinated Flank Steak.

10. Play catch. Sure, it’s expected, but it’s a classic. Dad will have fun tossing anything around for a bit. A football, a baseball, a frisbee, a boomerang. Just get outside and have fun. 

11. Go camping. Pitch a tent, tell campfire stories, and count the stars. Even if it’s just in your own backyard. And while you’re at it, try this delicious Skillet S’mores Dip.

12. Movie night! Treat dad to a bowl of Butter Toffee Popcorn, and his choice of movie. (Even if he’s seen that action movie 100 times already!) 

13. Go karts. Most dad’s fantasies are to drive fast and furious, but that’s hard to do in a minivan. Get him in a go kart and let him speed around the track like a NASCAR driver! 

14. Check out a car show. Does Dad like classic cars? Old vans that have been totally tricked out? Find a local car show and let him wander around and fantasize about his own dream car.

15. Get to know him. Sure we’ve probably known our fathers for most of our lives, but this Father’s Day, why not take some time to dive deep? What are the stories you HAVEN’T heard before? Ask him about his childhood, how he met your mother, his hopes and dreams.


– The goodNes Crew