September to Remember: 5 Things to do Before Summer Ends

The best ways to kiss summer goodbye

Well gang, we made it to September. That means summertime is packing it’s beach bag, and soon it’ll be on the road. Before you know it, the days are going to get shorter, your outfits are going to get warmer, and you might even have to start cooking your meat indoors. While we’re all excited for the approaching autumn, let’s make the most of the remaining nice weather while we still can!


Here are some of our favorite ways to soak up the last bits of summer, and really make them count.


Throw a Backyard BBQ
We all LOVE summer, so why not give it the best going away party ever? It’s really the only appropriate way to show your appreciation and admiration. Celebrate the warm summer nights and all their barefoot glory with an epic End-of-Summer BBQ Bash.

For a successful barbeque, all you really need is friends, a grill loaded up with delicious meat, and BBQ sauce! It’s not a proper BBQ without BBQ sauce! #DUH. If you’ve never made your own, this Chipotle BBQ Sauce recipe is a must-try. And when your friends ask, “Where did you buy this awesome sauce??” you can respond with, “I made it all by myself because I am a barbeque QWEEN!” Then if you’re a good friend, you’ll share the recipe. (The secret ingredient here is NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® House Blend 100% Pure Instant Coffee Granules, shhh.) It’s simple to make and with any luck, you’ll have leftovers to stash in the fridge and help you survive the chilly months.

Go to a Baseball Game
They say baseball is America’s favorite past time, and we think it’s one of the best ways to spend a summer night. It could be a professional game, minor league, or even the little league team your nephew plays in. Grab a seat in the bleachers and enjoy watching the batters kick the dirt of their cleats and hopefully hit a home run. If your stadium lets you bring in food, take a batch of these Hummus & Seed Celery Sticks with you. They’re a healthy snack that you can’t find at any old concession stand!
With the perfect combo of creamy and crunchy, they really knock it out of the park! #PlayBall!

Have a Picnic
What’s the best way to enjoy summer’s final weeks of lush green grass? By eating lunch on it! Spread out the blanket, kick off your shoes, and catch some rays. Picnics are like barbeques, except much more relaxed. Just throw a blanket, frisbees, and some pre-prepared goodies into a bag and head to your favorite park. We recommend bringing Chicken Parmesan Sliders – basically the travel-sized version of everyone’s favorite chicken parm! Assembling a batch is super easy, and then you have the perfect bite-sized portions to pass around the picnic blanket.

Take a Dip
Water is summer’s precious gift to us, and its opportunities are endless. Go find a body of water near you, and make a splash while it’s still warm enough to do so. It could be a lake, ocean, river, or your neighborhood swimming pool. Slip into your favorite swimsuit, gather some friends, and make a day of it. Go boating, surfing, fishing, inflate some rafts and float down the river. You could even just spread out a towel and enjoy the view and sounds of trickling water. And in honor of taking a dip, try out this Creamy Pesto Dip recipe! It takes literally less than one minute to make, perfect to stir up on your way to the pool. Don’t forget to bring the veggies or whole-grain chips to boot!

Catch an Outdoor Flick
If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that still has a classic drive-in movie theater, you have to go at least once! Drive-ins are such a fun and unique movie experience, totally worth driving a couple hours out if you have to. Because how often do you get to lie in the bed of a truck with pillows and blankets, watching a movie on a humongous screen? Nowadays, lots of communities still host outdoor movies on a projected screen, which is also worth checking out. Sometimes they have food trucks nearby, but we love bringing our own snacks! Like these handy Popcorn Bars. They’re gooey, crunchy, and perfect for munching on during the show.

How do you plan on spending your last few weeks of warm weather and long days? There are endless activities for you to explore. So give the TV remote a break, and go try something new while you still can! Let us know how it goes and share your outdoor summer adventures with us @GoodNesUSA and use #ThankGoodNes #SummersNotOverYet.

– The goodNes Crew