World’s Best Friend: Delicious treats that will make everyone love you.
World’s Best Friend: Delicious treats that will make everyone love you.

DIY Gifts That Are Good Enough to Eat

Delicious treats that will make everyone love you.

It’s always time for giving! Every week it seems there’s another birthday party, bridal shower, graduation, house warming party, etc. Our friends are #BLESSED, and naturally we want to show them we care. Ideally with ribbons, bows, and amazing gifts that will melt their hearts! The downside is that all those gifts can add up, and do some damage on your bank account.

But wait! There’s good news from goodNes: Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you can eat! With a little craftiness in the kitchen, you can delight your friends and family with home-made gifts that are tasty, budget-friendly, and look awesome too. Can’t beat that!


Check out some of our favorite recipes that make perfect DIY gifts:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dippers
These dippers are #classy! You know, the kind of snack you’d spot in a glass case at your favorite cafe. Now you can make them at home and impress your friends. These would we perfect to give with a cute mug and a package of Abuelita Hot Chocolate.

Red Velvet Cake Pops
It’s a cake! It’s a popsicle! It’s a cake pop! These adorable desserts are dying to be given away as gifts. Your friends may think they’re too pretty to eat – but don’t  worry, they somehow manage to taste even better than they look! And they’re just as fun to make.

Chocolate Frozen Bananas
Bananas on a stick … just what your friends have always wanted! But really, they will love these classic summer treats. You can whip them up easily at home - just peel and dip! Pro tip: use dark chocolate for even more tasty health benefits!

Caramel Apple Slices On A Stick
This gift is always a classic! You can add fun toppings to the caramel (Peanuts are our personal favorite), and package them up with plastic wrap and a bow for a personal touch.

Frozen Yogurt Berry Bark
Give your friends a break from the heat with this colorful frozen treat. It’s made with fresh berries, greek yogurt, and honey – so you’re giving the gift of healthy snacking as well.

What’s your favorite homemade food gift to give? (or better yet, which is your favorite to receive?) Let us know @GoodNesUSA.

Happy gift giving!

– The goodNes Crew