Cooking Isn’t Your Jam? Try These Recipes.
Cooking Isn’t Your Jam? Try These Recipes.

Cooking Isn’t your Thing? Try These Recipes.

5 recipes that even the world’s worst cook can master… and enjoy!

Some people love the creative thrill of tying on an apron, rolling up their sleeps, and firing up the stove. To others, cooking is an intimidating, messy task. Never fear! We can help you tackle the kitchen painlessly, and finally put those pots and pans to good use. 

These recipes are simple enough for anyone to master, and delicious enough to get you hooked on cooking. We hope you’ll try them all, and explore our site for other flavors that strike your fancy. You may surprise yourself (and your friends) with what you’re capable of creating. 

Share your meals with us using #ThankGoodNes for #EasyRecipes and let us know which ones you enjoyed making the most (or hated the least). Remember – there is a big beautiful world beyond takeout, and it starts in your own home. 

Bon Appetit!

Baked "Fried" Chicken

Does the thought of tossing chicken into a pot of hot oil, spitting and splattering at you sound terrifying? Yeah, us too. That’s why we opt for this baked version of fried chicken. Just as delicious, with less work and zero hot oil burns! Get the recipe here.

Raw Kale Pesto & Roasted Veggie Tortellini Bowls

You love salads! You shamelessly order them at restaurants with friends. You fill up your grocery cart in the pre-made meals section. But what about making them from scratch? Well this pasta & veggie mix will show you how simple it is to throw together your own meal, AND we think it tastes much better. Get the recipe here.

Thai-Style Iced Nestea

Thai food and tacos? What a time to be alive! We love fusion foods, and one thing’s for sure – you can’t get these tacos on the street! We promise they are simple to make. Just throw the chicken and seasonings into a bag to marinate, cook for a few minutes, garnish, and voila! Get the recipe here.

Easy Pasta Casserole

If you think you’re the world’s worst cook, try a casserole! They’re nearly impossible to ruin, and your friends will praise you like chef. As long as you can figure out how to turn on your stove and your oven, you can totally crush it. Start with this delicious Easy Pasta Casserole recipe and let us know how it goes. #YouGotThis Get the recipe here.

Easy Eggplant Marinara

This is the type of dish where your roommate will walk by and say, “Wow, someone’s fancy!” but really it only took you about five minutes to prepare. Let them believe you live that #Extra vegetarian life! Get the recipe here.

– The goodNes Crew