10 Summer Sports that are more fun than video games
10 Summer Sports that are more fun than video games

10 Summer Sports that are more fun than video games

Staying active this summer has never been so fun.

Summer has arrived and we are thanking our lucky stars! Warmer weather and more hours of sunlight, YAS! If you’ve got kids in your family, they’re likely begging you to play outside with them on those long summer nights. 


Here are some of our favorite summertime sports to try with the family. These will keep the kids entertained and ALSO keep your body working hard, so you can cross “exercise” off your daily to-do list. 

There are tons of activities to choose from, but here are ten of our personal favorite family summer sports. What are your favorites? 

1. Skateboarding
It’s great to get kids started in skateboarding when they’re young, fearless, and have a low center of gravity. We love that this sport that can be whatever you want it to be, and you’ll always feel rad doing it. Practice tricks at the skatepark, glide around the bowl, or simply just cruise. ( Here’s a place you can check out if you want to start learning now!) #SkateorDIE

2. Biking
What has two wheels and makes everyone smile? A bicycle! We love this group exercise because you can get the gang together and chat while you pedal. Hit up a neighborhood trail or head for the hills and enjoy a wilderness ride. Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

3. Swimming
It’s not summertime without lazy days at the pool! And you can take advantage of that pool time by squeezing in a workout. Just swimming a few laps is a great full-body workout that will help you burn mucho calories. Breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, butterfly?! Whatever stroke fits your mood. 

4. Volleyball
Whether you play on sand or indoors, volleyball is great group activity! You learn to communicate (MINE!) and get each other’s backs (I GOT IT!). It’s competitive enough to be fun, but chill enough that you can have a team of all ages. Just try to get at least ONE tall person or high-jumper on your team who can really spike the ball. 


5. Street Hockey
We love this kind of hockey because there’s no ice needed! Just grab your sticks and head outside to enjoy the nice weather! You can wear rollerblades if you want to challenge yourself, or just run around on foot. Pro tip: use a ball or street puck that glides easier on asphalt.  

6. Pickleball
Never heard of pickleball? It’s like tennis and ping pong had a baby! You can play with larger paddle and a smaller court, and it’s loads of fun for every age. Don’t be deceived by the small court size, you’ll get a lot of running in! (We found this video helpful for beginners.)

7. Kickball
Just kick the ball and run! It’s such a simple sport to learn, and it doesn’t require a ton of strength or skill – just show up ready to have fun! Get the whole family together to play, or join a rec league! 

8. Flag Football
Down, set, hike! Take the kids outside and throw around a pigskin. Flag football (or touch football) is arguably the most American of all the American sports…but with less tackling! Not enough players for a game? Play monkey in the middle! Or practice catching and throwing the perfect spiral. 

9. Frisbee Golf
What’s more fun than an afternoon in the park? Spending it frisbee golfing, AKA frolfing! If you’ve never played, it’s similar to regular golf, but instead of hitting balls into holes, you throw discs into metal baskets. Lots of public parks are equipped with a disc golf course. Just bring a frisbee and have fun! Here’s the sport’s official site, for all you need to know. 

10. Rollerblading
The 90s are ALIVE with rollerblading! Our personal favorite alternative to bike riding, ’blading around town with the fam is a great way to spend a warm summer night. You can even make it a party! Bring a boom box along and crank up the tunes! And at the end of the night you’ll be feeling the burn...talk about a leg workout! 

-The goodNes Crew