Hate the gym? Try These!
Hate the gym? Try These!

Exercises people who don’t like the gym enjoy

5 exercises that gym-avoiders actually enjoy.

You force yourself to go to the gym (mostly to justify the pricey membership fees.) You wander aimlessly through a maze of complicated machines, avoiding eye contact with the bros and broettes who all look photoshopped. You lift some free weights until your arms give out. You attempt the least-awkward-looking leg machine. You mindlessly sweat on a treadmill until you can’t breathe. You go home and swear to never go back.

Sound familiar? Working out in a traditional gym can be super intimidating. And it isn’t fun for everyone. If you really want to get in shape, it’s important to find an exercise you LIKE doing. Otherwise, you’re forcing yourself to do something you hate – and who has the willpower to be a masochist, especially around the holidays?

Here are 5 ways to exercise that don’t require a typical gym membership. Give them all a try and let us know which are your favorite!

1. Swimming

Make a splash that’s great for the whole body! Swimming keeps your heart rate up, builds muscle and cardio endurance, and it’s easy on your joints as well. So, if you’ve got injuries that make your workouts not so fun, it might be a good option. Plus, you get to wear cool goggles and channel your inner Michael Phelps.

2. Dancing

Who says dancing in the club doesn't count? If you hate the mindlessness of running, try dance! Whether you’re taking a class like Zumba or contemporary dance, or just out with friends, dancing is fun way to do cardio. You’ll improve your coordination, balance, and psychological wellbeing. You may even have so much fun, you forget you’re working out!

3. Batting Cages

Swing batter, swing! We think many people would agree that playing baseball is more fun than watching it. Try hitting a few balls at your local batting cage. It’ll work your shoulders, arms, core, and of course – hand-eye coordination. Oh, and those things that protect your head – yeah don't forget to snap on a helmet.

4. Join a Rec League

Soccer, volleyball, flag football, kickball. Whatever team sport you’re into, chances are there’s a recreational league in your city you can join. Grab some friends, make up a silly team name, and go dominate. You’ll definitely meet new people, and maybe even get a free t-shirt out of it! #FreeSwag

5. Rock Climbing

Want a fun full-body workout? Try rock climbing! Physically, it’s great for building strength in your arms, legs, and core. Plus cardio and flexibility. Mentally, it’ll help you solve problems, overcome fears, and learn to push yourself. If you’re a newbie, there are plenty of indoor climbing gyms that will be happy to show you the ropes.

– The goodNes Crew

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